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Our mission at East Bundy Backpackers is to have everyone staying in our hostel feel that they are a part of a family. That’s because we are a friendly, family run hostel that facilitates work at great farms for backpackers who are committed and reliable workers. We want to make your experience in Bundaberg a great one, not just a step on the way to your next adventure.

We are continually growing our network of farms, packing sheds, nurseries, and general labouring work, which will contribute to your 88 days required to attain your second year (type 417 & type 462) visa.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Pool
  • Washing Machines & Driers
  • Non-smoking areas
  • BBQ
  • TV room
  • Free transport to/from work
  • Off-street parking
  • 3 x double rooms, other rooms are dorm style, and there are a number of double beds available
  • Credit Card, Direct Deposit, Cash payments
  • Fully equipped kitchen with food lockers

Farm Work

Types of work include planting, picking, packing, pruning, weeding, working on harvesters, and working in hot houses. Bundaberg has a sub-tropical climate with hot (sometimes wet) summers and mild winters. Depending on the time of year the temperatures may reach into the 30’s. This means it is important to stay well hydrated at all times, even prior to commencing work. You will need to carry at least 3 litres of drinking water, food and sun protection. Most farms have specific requirements for work clothes. These may include wide-brimmed hats, high visibility shirts with collars, boots or steel-capped boots. Work typically commences at dawn or soon after, and finishes mid-afternoon, but some jobs may require longer shifts.

Normally there is a large amount of paperwork required prior to being allowed to commence work. Most farms will perform an induction on the first day. It is imperative that prior to arriving in the region that an international worker has applied for a tax file number, has set up a bank account, preferably set up a superannuation account, and have your passport with you on arrival.

Always arrive to work at least 10 minutes prior to commencement and always strictly adhere to meal break times. Never leave mess in lunch rooms or in the field after meal breaks. Always dispose of litter and rubbish (bottles, food wrappers, etc) correctly.

"I had the best time during my travels in this hostel! Make sure u'll stay here if u come to Bundy! Come join the East Bundy Family!"
Michael Lawrence
2 October 2013

About Bundaberg

Bundaberg is a major city and crop growing centre within the wider Wide Bay-Burnett region. Its population is approaching 100K people and produces a quarter of Australia’s fruit and vegetables, with over 30 different types of crops harvested.

It is located about 380km north of Brisbane and, due to its climate, has crops grown and harvested all year round. It is a great place to work and qualifies for your second-year visa.

The Bundaberg region is filled with beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and also offers heaps of fun activities including skydiving, surfing, fishing, scuba diving, bush walks and more. Don’t forget to make a visit to the iconic Bundaberg Rum Factory and Mon Repos Conservation Park!

Recommended Activities

  • Hinkler Hall of Aviation
  • Mon Repos Conservation Park
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Local beaches (Surfing, Swimming, Snorkeling, Scuba, Paddleboard, Kayak)
  • National Parks (Bush walks, Camping)
  • Fishing (in the river, off the beaches and headlands)
  • Skydiving
  • Do your PADI diving certification
  • Join a sports club (Soccer, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Australian Rules, Cricket, Cycling, Rowing) as Bundaberg has a strong sporting history from athletics to team sports
  • Lady Musgrave tours and Lady Elliot Island tours
  • Rum factory
  • Bundy (horse) races

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