"I just finished my 88 days for my second year and I have to say I feel pretty lucky to have ended up staying here to do them. I need to make it very clear that this is a working hostel so your gonna have rules like curfew and no drinking in the hostel etc but I can assure you if you’re up at 3am you’ll think these rules are a god send! There aren’t any rules in this hostel that aren’t justified, they really do all they can to help you find good jobs and the right fit this place really felt like my home whilst I was here and I can’t thank jo, Christine and the drivers enough for all their support and how nice they were from day one. If you want your days and some money and your ready to work hard this is the place to be. You might even get lucky and meet friends for life like I have only good memories of this place P.S don’t piss all your money in bundy Charlie & josh"
Charlie Mason
1 November 2018
"Just completed my 88 days in this hostel- It was some experience. I recommend this hostel to anyone who is looking to get their days done and meet amazing people. There are a good few rules in place but when you need to get up at 330am for work you do appreciate these! Its also nice to know you will be coming home to a clean environment. The hostel parties are always fun and it is located near cheap pubs so you can blow off some steam after a hard day at work. Some people need to be reminded that they are in a working hostel and not on holiday! Thanks to Christine, Jo and the bus drivers for helping me along the way! Good luck with all the new backpackers :)"
Alex van Eck
27 October 2018
"The best place in Bundy to stay, not only are the cleaners legends but so are the owners and reception. A great place where you get solid hourly work, not ripped off like loads of the offers like federal but also the hostel parties are so well done. If you go to Bundy this is the only place want to go to do farm work."
Eduardo Gil
23 December 2016
"Best hostel in Australia! Christine is the best hostel manager on the World! I had the best time in my life!"
Denis Möhring
9 September 2016
"The best working hostel we've ever been to! We would definitely recommend this place if you are planning to do farm work in Bundy. They work in cooperation with lots of great farms so you'll get a job immediately after check in. Usually all jobs are hourly paid or with an equal good contract rate so while doing your farm days you can save plenty of money. Literally everything is well organized and it works perfectly! It's not the biggest hostel, but it will give you a feeling of family and you'll make friends for life. So thank you Christine and Brian for the great time we had! By the way, they have awesome night managers all the time"
Jana Nestler
6 July 2016

Thank You Cards

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